About WCSS

The WCSS is the largest academic and scientific event in the field of social simulation. It is a biannual event, sponsored jointly by three scientific societies:

  • ESSA (European Social Simulation Association), representing Europe;
  • PAAA (Pacific-Asian Association for Agent-based Approach in Social Systems Sciences), representing Asia and Oceania;
  • CSSSA (Computational Social Science Society of America), representing the Americas.

Each of these associations have been promoting, for at least 10 years, an annual regional conference. In 2005, these societies decided to create a biannual World Congress in order to better integrate various geographically dispersed communities working in the area.

The first edition of WCSS 2006 occurred in the city of Kyoto, Japan, under the coordination of Prof. Takao Terano. The second edition, WCSS 2008 was organized in the city of Fairfax, USA, under the coordination of Prof. Claudio Cioffi Revilla. The city of Kassel, Germany, hosted the third edition, WCSS 2010, coordinated by Prof. Andreas Ernst. The latest edition, WCSS 2012, was headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, under the coordination of Prof. Shu - Heng Chen.

Thus, by a rotating policy, the 5th edition should take place in America in 2014, and Brazil was chosen to host the event.