Call for papers

Full Papers

The WCCS program committee invites papers and posters concerning computational models of social phenomena. Models from all social science disciplines are welcomed. In particular, in this 2014 edition, WCSS 2014 encourages submissions discussing the following issues:

  1. Business and Organizational Dynamics
    • Supply Chain modeling and simulation
    • CSS applied to Marketing Science
    • Organizational Dynamics
  2. Economic and Financial Systems
    • Advances to Neo-classical economics
    • Systemic and Operational Risk
    • Econophysics
    • Microstructure market simulation
    • Bubble economics
  3. Environmental & Ecological Science
    • Climate impact on societies
    • Climate policy analyses
    • Behavioral response / Adaption to Climate Change Policy
    • Economics of Climate Change
    • Water security
    • Food security
  4. Policy Design and Analysis
    • Social Decisions
    • Health Care
    • Epidemiology
    • Participatory simulations
    • Societal transitions
  5. Social Science
    • Dynamics of Social Networks
    • Social Network Analysis
    • Mathematical and Computational Sociology
    • Quantitative Social Science
    • Evaluation, Accreditation, Verification & Validation of CSS
    • Simulation of scientific process
    • CSS methods in Political Science
    • Evolution of Social Norms
  6. Data for Computational Social Science
    • Using social media to inform CSS models
    • CSS models based on anthropological surveys, data, and
    • Online communities and online behaviors as data sources

All submissions, including posters, will be subject to peer review. Papers should be no more than 12 pages, including bibliography and allcfigures. The ODD (Overview, Design Concepts, and Details) protocol may be used to document submitted models (see The ODD is optional and will not be counted toward the 12 page limit.

Papers should be submitted in Springer's 'Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS)' format. Outstanding submissions presented in WCSS2014 will be published by Springer WCSS proceedings series. We are also negotiating with some journals a special issue including the best conference’s papers. 


Poster submissions require only an 800 words abstract. They should be clearly marked as poster submissions.